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Plant colorful trees

Plant colorful trees

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In the fall, their branches are covered with gold, bronze, and bright red.

Take advantage of the month of November to plant in your garden one of these trees or shrubs in the colors of Indian summer.

Colors in the fall

Fall is the season that suits them best, revealing an explosion of colors ranging from yellow to purple, a way to warm up the ambiance of the garden at a time when the colors of flowers are scarce.

Among these autumnal beauties, we find the parrotia persica, called iron tree because of the hardness of its wood, whose leaves resemble those of beech take on yellow, orange to red tints. Adept of acidic soils, it supports a little limestone, provided the soil is cool and well drained.

Another possibility if your soil is acidic:Japanese maple whose blazing leaves in autumn are as celebrated in Japan as the flowering of cherry trees in spring. Many varieties of this small tree exist, with differences in leaf shape and fall colouration.

Those of acer japonicum "Acon itifolium" turn bright red, while those of acer palmatum "Senkaki" turn golden yellow.

Gold leaves

One cannot evoke the golden foliage without mentioning the ginkgo biloba, called the forty crown tree because its curious fan-shaped leaves turn yellow in autumn. This hardy, very old tree (over 40 million years old!) Likes cool soils and tolerates the temperate climate of France well.

Gold leaves also with thecaramel tree (cercidiphyllum japonicum) which takes its name from its sweet-tasting juice. This beautiful, round-leaved tree appreciates neutral to slightly acidic wetlands and a mild oceanic climate.

Also think about charcoal winged, which in autumn takes on bronze, crimson and red hues, complemented by small pink fruits. Without special maintenance, it likes well-drained and cool soil and can grow in limestone soil. Same thing for the rustic liquidambar, whose leaves resemble those of maple take on glowing tones that awaken autumn gardens.

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